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    Flash Player will not Install-Mac


      The specs of my machine are as follows:Pic@4.png

      I was alerted to the need to install a  new flash version a few days ago.  I attempted, and failed, to achieve the install.   Thereafter, I shut down all my security and firewall programs, unistalled all of my previous versions, restarted the computerr, and attempted it again.  I failed again.  And again.  Repeatedly.  I then uninstalled the 11, installed the 10.5, and found none of my websites would accept the out of date flash player.  Now I have no flashplayer, and no way to aquire a new one.


      Here is the specifics of what goes wrong: 1) I download the installer: pic1@.jpg

      2)I open it: Pic2@.jpeg


      3)I Click "Install Adobe Flash Player."  It runs quickly for a second, then brings me to 'my update' preferences.  I selecet the first one, as shown in screenshot.  (Im aware this is unlikely to be relevant, Im just  attempting to be thorough):  Pic3@.jpeg


      4) I Click "next" and the installer begins to run, as a blue progress line crosses the window: PIc4@.jpeg
      5) When it reaches the 7% shown (within 2 seconds) it remains there (for roughly 20 seconds).  Then the window cashes, disappearing.  NO error message is shown.  If there was, it would be included.
      I have attempted the fix represented in the "troubleshooting" section of the adobe flash program download FRQs page.  It explains that if the installer stalls, I should control click the installer, open the "show contents"selection, and active a sub installer (?) from within.
      The Adobe website representation: Pic5@.png
      My computer lacks the indicated file.  Instead I have: pic6@.png
      I have attempted to open all of the files in 'Contents-Resources.'  No success.
      Please Help.  Any assistance would be very much appriciated.  Ive attempted to put every aspect of the problem here as clearly as possible.  I can answer any other questions in the pursuit of success.