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    Media suddenly unavailable - HELP!


      I am working with CS6 and a member of creative cloud. I'm relatively inexperienced as an editor and self taught. so, if anyone can help - please can you keep it as simple as possible!?

      I did a 5 camera shoot which now needs editing. 4 cameras exported MP4 and one MTS - 2.5hrs of 1920 x 1080 progressive each .

      The media is sitting on a raid drive.

      Yesterday - all the clips were on the timeline - and all the clips were synced. All the cameras had timecode fed to them - but due my inexperience I was unable to get this to work in Premiere so I did it manually.


      Today - the clips look fine in the project panel - but some, when you hover over them - show the YELLOW MEDIA UNAVAILBLE window.

      This fills me with dread as I spent the whole day on the editing and was half way through, and the client needs it this week, AAAGGHH.


      Why - all of a sudden should Premiere not see the files??

      The media has not been moved.

      I have tried 'reconnecting' but to no avail.

      When restarting  - it doesn't say that media is missing, all looks fine.


      Has anyone had a similar problem??


      Really need any help I can get please!!


      Huge thanks