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    Creating crisp lines from a fuzzy document CS4

    thrombox Level 1

      I have a scanned copy of an old architectural plan of a building, it was done by hand is old and being a copy traced by crayon so you can imagine it is very fuzzy and speckled, there are clearly visible but no solid crisp lines.


      It has taken me hours just to delete large areas of white space that is fuzzy/speckled.


      Does anyone have any idea whether or not there is a function that can trace a line ignoring the fuzziness around it and making it crisp? I've been playing around with the magic wand tool but its not coping with it. Despeckle filter doesn't really cut it either.

      Just don't want to spend hours drawing this whole plan up from scratch like tracing in Photoshop. Should I be using a Vector Graphic instead like Illustrator?

      Any help appreciated.