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    PS touch for Note 2



      I bought PS touch from Google shop when I had an Acer Iconia tablet. I sold that tablet and I bought Samsung Note 2.

      I've noted that PS touch is not fit for my Note 2 and I am not able to use it anymore

      When I used PS on tablet I couldn't open PSD file directly from HDD attached to tablet. I uploaded a PSD on cloud and downloaded on my tablet but it didn't have layers anymore


      I hope that you have time to answer me to few questions:

      - are you planning to modify PS for Note 2 (5.5' display)?

      - are you planning to let us open PSD files directly from phone card (in order to have the layers in the file)?


      If you are not planning to develop the PS in order to meet my necessities I would like a refund. Is the refund possible for my case?


      Thank you for your time!


      Best regards,