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    Performance of Standard much worse than Premium?


      After recently using up my 60 days of the premium trial, I decided I didn't need any of the additional features of premium and decided to purchase a license for standard instead.  Everything went smoothly and once I'd upgraded to the latest AIRSDK, I was able to point to my previous workspace and all my projects built and ran fine, straight away.


      Everything was good until I went to install one of the projects onto my Android phone (16GB Nexus 4).  With the premium trial, I'd gotten accustomed to this only taking a few seconds for simple debugging, and a little longer for a release build.  Since I've come to standard this is taking *much* longer, as in 2-4 minutes on average.


      I'm still within my cancellation period for this, so I *can* take the decision to get premium instead, but the financial hit is... unwanted.  If it is a case that the performance of standard is plain and simply just *worse* than premium, I may choose to go back to that, but I'd like to be 100% and get confirmation of that, before doing so.

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          Nabren Level 3

          From here:




          "Why use Flash Builder Premium Edition over Flash Builder Standard Edition?


          Flash Builder 4.7 Premium adds professional testing tools, including profilers, network monitoring, an automated testing framework, integration with Flex unit testing, and command-line build support"


          The only thing I could think of would be the command-line support. If Premium builds with the command line and Standard version doesn't that might explain the speed differences - but that seems very odd for them to do. If you deactivate your key I think it restarts your trial and if you restart Flash Builder it should load in Premium mode so you could try that and see if it builds faster. (You can always reactivate your standard key later with no issues since you just deactivated it before this)

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            seaders Level 1

            Hi Nabren,


            Thanks for that, just did that now and you're absolutely right, it restarted and after I signed in, it restarted my trial and launched into Premium.  I just did a launch there and it definitely felt quicker, but I'll have to do more tests to be more definite.


            Yeah, with Adobe Scout taking much of what you'd need from Premium's profiler, there's no huge necessity for us to think about Premium, so long as the performances are the same.  In a totally off-topic way, I'd much prefer Adobe to charge for the most pivotal and useful bit, the SDK instead of the IDE, tbh.  One of the previous places I worked, my manager did all his actionscript in vim, hence getting this platform totally for free.  As awesome as that is, it's not really business viable!


            Anyway, thanks for the help!