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    Premiere CS5 - after 9 months, some issue with video Preview chopping appeared


      I have been using Adobe Premiere CS5 more then 9 months on my school projects. I have laptop with Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM, 2x500GB 7600 HDD and Nvidia GT425M with 1GB RAM.

      Up to now I have not notice any problem with chopping video play in Preview mode.


      Suddenly the chopping appears during a playback in Preview mode. I did not change any settings in Premiere, I did not install any nvidia driver update, I did not change anything in my Project file.


      I thought it could be a problem with Win7 (installed more then 1.5 year). I used CCleaner but the issue with chopping remains.


      Than I decided to reinstall the Win7. After new installation the chopping issue was still in place.


      I upgraded also RAM from 4 to 8GB, but without success - chopping is still here.

      For testing I use quite easy project video. I also tested GPU and CPU acceleration. GPU is better, but the problem is still here. I use playback resolution 1/4. I have the right preset set up (DSLR 1080p 25- I use video from Canon Eos Mark II). I also managed Nvidia 3D settings according available recommendation.


      The most annoying thing for me is-Premiere was working very well during 9 months and than suddenly the issue with chopping appeared and I don´t know what could be the reason, I tried almost everything, what was recommended at available sites.


      Do you have any idea how to fix the issue?

      Thanks for any replies.