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    Maintaining high quality resolution when embedding video clips into InDesign pdfs


      Hello,  I have been working with a book designer on a project that I've composed in InDesign CS4 (6.0.6).  It could be that  the book designer has a more recent version.  I'd have to check.


      I realize I have two questions: 


      1)  Res of Embedded Video Sequences 

      I am supplying her with mpeg files (compressed to the format and size that she's requested).  When played back on our editing Mac, the sequences look just fine.  There is no striation or jerkiness in the fluidity of the video.  The book designer is embedding them into the  InDesign file and creating a final pdf. Unfortunately, the resolution is not as good and quite honestly frustrates us at the way it plays back.

      Her most recent effort at fixing this problem was also degrading the quality of the final pdf.  She wrote this morning, "..when I imported the videos in Acrobat, there is still some shaking at the beginning of the video clip, but I think the quality of the rest of the video is better, so I think I will move in that direction and place them all post production."  This truly isn't what we'd hoped for.

      Is it always that video sequences lose resolution when embedded into In Design?  How can we place them without loss?  Having the video sequences "in the internet cloud" as a clickable link within the pdf was not how we originally wanted to go forward.  Having provided her with compressed sequences from our original  high res masters, we are disappointed at her final results.


      2)  Final Product Format Questions

      Our initial ideas were to provide a dual layer DVD that has both the written portion of the book, all stills and all video clips self contained.  The product is to be played in laptops and computers.  I just heard on NPR that sales of laptops are down...newer technology is predominating.  Does anyone else have experience hosting video sequences within Adobe pdfs "in the cloud"?  Our e-book will have 29 clips at ~10 minutes each.


      I would be so grateful for any suggestions, ideas and your experienced assessment of our situation.


      Thanks, Catherine