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    Users unable to submit form


      I have had 4 reports of users being unable to save and submit ansers to my survey.




      The users are on different platforms (Windows XP with IE 8, Windows 8 with IE 10, Safari on an iPad).  I cannot figure out a pattern.

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          rdolgov Adobe Employee

          Sorry you're having the problem.


          So far, we could not find any errors on the server side logs. To help debug this problem, would it possible to:

          - provide a screenshot of the error?

          - tell time when submits failed

          - do you know if the problem is persistent, meaning if users affected by the problem tried to resubmit and failed again?

          - do you know if all these users are behind firewall, that may interfere with submit?


          Also, can I try to submit to the form myself, to see if I can reproduce the problem? (I would use "test" string in all fields, so you can remove the entry later).


          Thank you,


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            We are having the same problem.  After someone completes and submits the form, the next person to try the form no longer has the option to submit. In it's place is a button labled "next" but it's a dead button.  So after they fill the whole thing out there is no way to submit it and they are very frustrated.  I found that to fix it, I go in and "test" the form and after that the "submit"  button appears on our actual form.  I don't want to have to watch and hit the test tab after each submission though.  Is this something that can be fixed on Adobe's end?

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              diesel83 Level 1

              I don't have screenshots from my customers.  They are mostly to frustrated to continue.  It seems to be isolated to a few platforms.  One particular user tried multiple times and was unable to submit from Tokyo.  The others are in the US, so I've been unable to find consistent test cases.

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                rdolgov Adobe Employee

                Hi George,


                Can you send me the form's link so I can try to reproduce and debug the issue (I would need to do couple submits to the form). You can send the link to me privately - rdolgov@adobe.com.




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                  rdolgov Adobe Employee

                  Hi Diesel83,


                  So far I wasn't able to reproduce the problem (I've tried to submit to the form but worked fine for me, I would try from several other platforms). Do you know if users actually see the error dialog or just cannot submit? There are few required fields on the form, which may block the submission until all fields are completed, so I want to double check that it's not the case.




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                    Having the same issue.  Some users are able to submit, others are not.  There is no error message.  Submit button simply fails to react.  This has happened on both uploaded forms created in Acrobat X and forms generated online.  Users are very frustrated and are losing confidence.  There are many that have given up on filling out these ness documents.

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                      Shannon Hickey Adobe Employee

                      Hi HR_Bob,


                      FormsCentral supports distributing forms as HTML and as PDF. With which type of forms are you having problems submitting?