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    Building for iPad3 Retina with FB4.7 & AIR 3.5


      If I build a basic application with only a button and deploy it to an iPad 3, the size of the button appears smaller then If I were to build the same application and run it on an iPad2 (where the button appears the normal size).


      This is do not understand. I can't find a single bit of info on deploying to an iPad with a retina display anywhere on the net when using Air3.5 and FB4.7.


      I was under the impression that AIR3.5 can deploy for iOS5.1 and hence support retina displays fine (which 3.1 could not on a windows machine).


      What are the basic steps to creating an appication usng FB4.7 and AIR3.5 that scale items correctly when viewed on a retnina display please?