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    symbol problems and fonts

    shadowfax007 Level 1

      Hi all!


      I have been plagued with a problem when trying to use symbols and think I have figured out what it is:

      Custom Fonts not loading!


      I'm using two custom fonts in my symbols and sometimes when I upload the project to the web, the fonts are not showing in the project symbols.  They ARE uploaded correctly.


      The following also seems to happen almost ALL the time (I think it is 100% of the time):


      1. I have my symbols in my currently working page loaded into edge and all works as it should, both inside Edge as well as when loading the current page into a browser from Edge.


      2. I create a new page and save it to the SAME directory folder as the original working page.


      3. I set the stage to the same size as the working page, then "import" the symbol.


      4. The font in question is showing automatically under "fonts" and is showing under the "text" drop down to the left in Edge correctly for the selected texts.


      5. From here on out, the custom font DOES NOT SHOW in Edge, nor when I try to test in a browser from Edge!


      This, of course, is throwing a lot of stuff off in the symbol that has driven me crazy trying to figure out what was happening!  wherever the font is used in the symbol, most of the text is too big and causing havoc with the design (wrapping, not being hidden" as it should until the appropriate time, etc...).  Until I figured this out, I was even rebuilding entire symbols just to try and fix a problem that I wasn't even aware what it was!


      So, obviously, my question is - How to resolve this?


      I have ONE working page (and a lot of copies!).  Several of these symbols were created to be used elsewhere as well but since everytime I try and load them into a new page they fall apart, I'm in a jam :-)


      Has anyone else run into this or have any ideas as to how to resolve this?





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          shadowfax007 Level 1

          ok, I stand before you, head bowed in humiliation, begging for your forgiveness :-)


          I'm not sure what is going on but I found the font problem (or at least it seems so).


          Somehow (and I don't know how but I think I've been "duplicating the same folder content each time I start a new page to test and make changes (since the problem, I have been scared to touch anything that WAS working).


          Well, it seems that the "duplicated" folder was missing my "CSS" folder in every one!

          That explains why, even though the fonts and all the settings in Edge showed everything as being correct - they were; all except the CSS page that loaded the fonts!!!


          Again, I humbly apologize - I really do try and find the problem BEFORE posting here; this one just eluded me :-)