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    Huge project file in Premiere CS6



      The project weight is almost 2 GB.

      Is taking hours open my project file.

      I have to send a edit by tomorrow but right now I don't know if I will be able to open my project to start editing.

      I have read in your forums this is a common bug but nobody say how can be solved, I already lost all day waiting and I can't be waiting all night to start the editing at early morning, this is totally insane.

      I'm editing in a Macbook Pro Retina with 16 GB of RAM.

      I edited a lot in this computer with this software version ( CS6 ) and never got this problem.

      In this project are sequences with Magic Bullet effects and Warp Stabilizer but this can't be an excuse, must be a solution for this because I already lost 8 hours looking to my screen.