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    Error: "Enumerated value expected" when exporting an artboard to TIFF

    Gustavo Del Vechio Level 3



      I´m trying to export a simple artboard using TIFF as extension. So here´s a simple code:


      var doc = app.activeDocument

      op = new ExportOptionsTIFF

      op.antiAliasing = true 

      op.imageColorSpace = ImageColorSpace.CMYK

      op.embedICCProfile = true       

      op.resolution = 300       

      op.saveMultipleArtboards  = true

      op.artboardRange = "1"    

      var f = new File ("~/Desktop/My file")

      doc.exportFile (f, ExportType.TIFF, op)


      I get an error in the last line (the exportFile method). The error is "Enumerated value expected."


      I´ve already tried changing the TIFF options and even the path. But the problem persists. What Am I missing?


      Thank you a lot for the help

      Best Regards



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