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    having problems disguising a cameramans reflection in video


      Hi everybody. This is my first post and I have a little problem.



      I know this isn't that hard (that is what makes it so frustrating)



      I've watched a dozen tutorials on the subject before finally caving in and asking for help.



      I need to edit out the camera mans reflection out of a shot. So far I've:



      1 - gone into Photoshop and edited a still of the video.  using healing tool I edited it to my satisfaction

      2 - imported the file into AE (both jpeg and psd)



      I've been able to layer them together and use the mask tool and it looks good, until my Subjects ARM moves and the edited reflection APPEARS IN FRONT OF MY SUBJECT (not hidden behind her in the background)



      I just can't figure it out.



      So, in short, I need to figure out a way so my subject can move in front of the edited reflection in the background without the edited selection APPEARING IN FRONT of my subject.



      Sorry if this is confusing...



      Thank you in advance