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    CS5 Performance Improvement Questions

    LaciG Level 1

      I am editing home movies (CS5) and burn them to Blu-ray disks. I have four questions:


      1. I wonder if replacing the graphic card GeForce engtx with the newer Nvidia Quadro 4000 would yield a significant overall improvement using CS5. (Transcoding speed?)
      2. Why does it take about two – two and a half minutes to start an Encore project of a size of ~15 GB (with ADL) ?
      3. Would (and where in the hard disk setup below) a SSD instead of a HDD make a significant performance improvement?
      4. I also have 2 SATA ports of 6 Gb/s (presently unused) on the mother board. Would it make sense to use them (with

             6 Gb/s HDDs)?


      Hardware configuration: Mother Board: ASUS P6X68D Premium, Processor: Intel Core i7 930, Chipset: Intel X58 / ICH10R, 12 GB RAM, Graphic Card: Asus GeForce ENGTX. Using CUDA acceleration, and no overclocking.

      Hard disk setup (5 x Samsung HD103SJ):

      “Boot drive”: one drive with two partitions, partition C: Programs, partition D: Data,

      “Scratch” (two drives in RAID 0): PrPro project, Captured Video, and Captured Audio,

      “Export” (two drives in RAID 0): Media Cache, Video Previews, Audio Previews, and Exports.



      I apologize if these questions are answered somewhere, I couldn't find it. Thanks for any help in advance,


      - Laci.