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    After Effects Unresponsive. Project from Mac to PC

    dh91 Level 1

      Hey guys..


      I've been using the Element 3d plugin quite a bit lately, but it wasn't running correctly on my system because I was using a custom built "hackintosh" (an error with the video driver, or lack thereof). So I decided to give Windows a try. I installed everything and got element running on a trial of After Effects, and the problem I had with textures not repeating resolved itself! So far so good.


      I am working on a AE project in OS X and decided to bring it over to Windows. I did this (After Gathering all my files into a single folder) , but when I opened the file (it didn't ask me to convert or anything), the AE comp window wouldn't load the image, and AE went unresponsive.


      I tried importing the project into another project, and it would allow me to click on comps in the assets manager, but as soon as I open it, AE goes unresponsive. Likewise, if I wait a certain period of time without clicking into a comp, AE goes unresponsive. I'm able to open footage and use my plugins in a new AE project with no problem, so i'm not sure what it is about this project that is crashing AE.


      Plugins used:


      Element 3D

      Trapcode Particular

      Magic Bullet Looks

      Optical Flares

      Knoll Light Factory



      After Effects CS6 (trial, waiting to figure out if I want to migrate my license from OSX to Windows) installed seperately from Production Premium trial (now installed and fully updated)

      Intel Core i7 3770k

      256 GB SSD M4

      16 Gb Ram

      Nvidia GeForce GTX 570 Superclocked

      2 TB Seagate media drive.

      Windows Experience rating 7.7


      If anyone has any idea what may be going on, I would be really appreciative.