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    How do I disable printing of my PDF if a text field isn't filled in?

    Cyriss Level 1

      Hello all I'm currently trying to find a way to make the print button of my pdf not work if say a necessary textfield wasn't filled in?

      I take it that the standard validation scripts won't work?

      The very helpful fellow from a thread seemed pretty sure it couldn't be done.

      In short in order the print button to work the form must have certain textfields populated with content if the combo box next to them has a certain value selected.

      Say for example

      A text field by the name AIMCode_R1 has no content in it but it's related combobox "Loc_R1" has value 2 currently selected then before printing the pdf must validate that textfield "AIMCode_R1" has content and visversa if "AIMCode_R1" has content then "Loc_R1" must have  value 2,3 or 4 selected before the pdf will allow the user to print.