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    Video won't conform and audio out of sync


      I recently considered going back to using Premiere Pro CS6 for video editing. I re-installed it and for a while everything worked perfectly. Then I tried importing an .m2ts video. Usually the conforming progress bar would appear at the bottom, but this time it didn't. So I brought the video over into the timeline and started editing it. When I was finished I started to jump through it to see how it turned out, audio levels, etc., and the original video's audio was completely out of sync with the rest of the video at around the 20 minute mark. I tried editing it in another program and had different problems so I figured it was just a problem with the source video. So, I moved on to a different video that's been sitting on my docket for a while. I watched it before hand and everything looked fine. I imported it into Premiere and it didn't conform again. I jumped through it again before I did any editing and the same desync happened again.


      I uninstalled the program and re-installed it and the same thing still happened. No conforming and audio kept going out of sync. What keeps happening and how can I fix it?