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    Can't understand why I am getting this table error!


      Hi all. Any help here would be received with a ridiculous amount of appreciation.


      I have cleaned up all accessibility errors in my PDF, however I have a heap relating to my (many) tables.


      Errors all say:


      TR element(s) with no Table, THead, TBody or TFoot parent. (How to Create Valid Table Structure)

      1. Table Row is not a child of Table, THead, TBody, or TFoot


      See an example in the attached.


      It's my first time creating accessible PDFs - am I missing something simple?


      Using CS4, but soon to upgrade to CS6 if that is going to make things any easier.


      Thank you.



      Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 4.34.47 PM.png

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          a C student Level 3

          Greetings Axnich,


          Are you getting the error from the built-in Acrobat accessiblity checker or another tool? How was the PDF generated?


          In the example, it lools like <Table> is a child element of <Small_Sub_Head>, which looks odd to me. You might try moving <Table> up a level in the structure, so it is not underneath the other tag. One other thing, the example table has only one column? Are you sure it would not be better tagged as a list?


          Hope this is helpful. Best Regards.

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            raeben3 Level 3

            No you are not missing anything.  I have gotten this error for no apparent reason from time to time.  I think you have a corrupt document. 


            In the table illustrated above you have 1 column. There's no reason for this to be a table in the Tags panel.  I would recommend taking the content out of the table, making the first row an appropriate level heading and put the rest of the content in a <P> tag.