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    Preview videos stutter badly after about 3 seconds


      I am trialing Premiere Pro CS6 (in the Cloud install) for possible purchase and it really seems pretty much unusable at this point. The video source/sequence preview windows will both play a video smoothly for about 3 seconds and then manage about 1 frame per second thereafter. If I stop and play the video again the same thing is repeated.


      I have an AMD Radeon HD 7800 series GPU and an i5 processor. Neither the processor or available memory (8G) is being maxed out. Videos are being played from an SSD.


      I cannot change the renderer in Project Settings -> General and I don't have any of the advanced options for checking CUDA is turned off etc - I guess this is maybe a limitation of the trial software??


      Anyway I would appreciate any feedback. Currently there is no way I would buy this software after the trial if this cannot be resolved.