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    Is a transparent panel possible?


      I have FlashBuilder 4.6, CS Extension Builder 2 plugin and CS 5.5 suite. I have created a couple of simple extensions, played around with CSAW APIs and things are fine.


      I want my extension's UI to be transparent (at least the content portion of it, if not the header with the close button and title). Since the UI is a Flex app (swf), I am under the impression that transparency can somehow be pulled off. A couple of things I tried:


      1. Flex app transparency techniques, like the one mentioned here - http://www.nickkuh.com/flash-flex-air/transparency-for-flex-4spark-applications/2009/08/

      However, such techniques require spark components and skinning them. I could not include spark libraries in the extension app. When I go to build path for the project, the component sets MX+Spark and Spark are greyed out. Only 'MX' is pre-selected.


      2. Making the base mx:Application transparent. I find that there is no backgroundAlpha property for mx:Application and am not sure if skins and such can be applied to mx components.


      So, my questions are:

      1. Is it possible to apply transparency to the extension UI (panel/modal-dialog/whichever-windowtype-where-this-is-possible) in any way? If possible, could you please provide some details?

      2. Is it possible to create a regular Flex project (not using CSEB), generate a swf out of it and then use that as extension swf? In that case, can I make the spark app transparent and use it as the extension UI? Has anyone tried this approach?