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    PSE Catalogue moving between versions and maximum catalogue size.


      I have a current 20,000 photo catalogue in PSE6 on an XP PC and am about to start backing up and restoring this to a new Windows 8 PC running PSE11. I have carried out a trial by backing up and restoring  a smaller PSE6 catalogue from the old PC to PSE6 on my Vista Laptop and this was successfull until I tried to move the catalogue to another folder location on the laptop (see separate discussion). However, I have read some advice regarding it being easier to carry out the proposed movement of my main catalogue by first installing PSE6 on my new PC and doing the backup and restore process to this before subsequently installing PSE11 and then converting my catalogue.


      Any views on the benefits of adopting this approach vs a restore and conversion to PSE11 in one step?


      Due to the size of my catalogue I was also contemplating starting a new catalogue for my photos captured from now on, in order to speed up the very slow editing and cataloguing processes on my old PC. However, I have also now read advice suggesting that catalogue size should not be an issue in this regard, and  from an Organiser perspective I would much rather do this if that is indeed the case. My new PC has 16gig of memory and a 2TB hard drive so neither of these should be an issue in editing and cataloguing speed, but is there any limit to the files that PSE will handle in a single catalogue?


      Advice please.