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        Director 12   it's  shame and disgrace  

        gray color it's not color of new interface

        - it's color of Director death

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          Not sure if I'm missing something, but it looks like D12 will publish to iOS devices, but not Android.  Is that correct?  This would appear to be a major limitation.  I need to create apps to distribute content to an entire college.  Everyone has a smartphone or tablet, but many have Android devices. It also appears you need to purchase a second application (http://helpx.adobe.com/content/help/en/director/using/publishing-ios-devices-using-directo r.html) in order to publish to the app store?  I was really excited about the update, but...

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            OlandoCR Level 1

            Where can I download the trial? Thanks

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              ohhhhhh myyyyy goooooodddddddd......!!!!!!!!!..... really excited about ios and stereoscopic features..... i´m really drooling.....

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                Don't be so negative! For myself, i'm gonna get me a drink tonight (maybe i'll dance on the tables!). Director isn't dead at all!!!!

                Special thanks to Dean Utian for keeping my hope alive!

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                  index999 Level 1

                  I'm not like when kill a good programms

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                    Milky_au Level 3

                    Congratulations Adobe Director 12 Team


                    I am so very happy


                    Having the function to create ipad apps means everything to me.


                    I’m in educational software development - and over the past year, so many schools have taken up ipads - it was beginning to hurt.


                    My team and I will now be fully employed pumping out ipad titles into the foreseeable future.


                    Thank you so much


                    And long live Director

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                      oldschoolmx Level 1

                      I'm stoked! Reinvigorated about Director.

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                        Did you compare Director and Livecode ? They are different as night and day. Director is shining brilliantly.

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                          puddin'head Level 1

                          Yeah, Liveode is a far way off from offering the functionality of Director, but it is way ahead in other aspects.  D12 is the first "major" update in 5 years, and what does it offer?  A 10% tax for successful publishing to only one of the major mobile platforms.  That's about it. 


                          It's been 5 years without any word on updates or roadmaps.  Five years in which smartphones and tablets have ruled the marketplace.  Five years of waiting and hoping that all of the time and resorces that have been invested in our Director projects will not be a waste, and that we won't need to jump ship for a lesser product, such as LiveCode.


                          Despit all of its strengths, Director just doesn't seem like a viable option, as Adobe has made it clear that they do not intend to put any effort into its development, and aren't interested in exerting any effort to make Director the major market force it should be, but have instead opted to tax those of us who have been held hostage by the lack of other options and to make its money off of OUR creativity and dedication to OUR product.

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                            Herbert2001 Level 4

                            Wow, Director is still alive as a product? I recall using it 18 years ago (nostalgic feelings ;-)


                            Long since switched to other products (mainly all sorts of game creators). Nowadays I use Scirra Construct: export to iOs, Android, win8 apps, Windows, MacOsx, facebook, browser (html5). So much fun, and webgl accelerated. No 3d support, though,  but awesome for 2d apps and games. For 3d stuff there's always Unity.


                            Anyway, good to know Adobe is still keeping Director on life support. Strange though that only iOs and no Android is supported? And the "additional fees" will not sit right with a lot of users either. Adobe: what has happened to you?

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                              Thank you Herbert2001,


                              Your post was very informative. Scirra Construct looks like a good reason to buy a Windows computer or at least use Boot Camp on the Mac. It looks like a good way to begin to learn how to make games or eLearning projects. The exporting features are unbelievable. The ability to have a copy on any computer or thumb drive as long as only one copy is being used at any moment in time is fantastic. The support and the tutorials looked very friendly. The personal version can earn up to $5000 before needing to buy the business version. There is even a free version that never runs out!


                              Adobe I have invested in buying two of your Director programs and bought nearly every book on Director published. The Director program is just what I need. Why can't you get your act together and fix the broken web links and give us good documentation or at least answer the questions that members of this forum are asking. Nobody expects Director to be perfect, but it is good to have a bug list and workarounds ready. I think you could pay some of the members of this forum to do some of that work.


                              Director has survived! It is time for it to be revived!


                              Herbert2001 that was very helpful.

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                                We've bought 5 copies of Director 12, and love it. However, the major roadblock in using it is lack of Android output. Director could once again become a killer app if Android output is added.

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                                  Herbert2001 Level 4



                                  Products like Unity (mac&win), Construct (win), GameSalad (mac), and others are making much more noise than Director. Director seems to be largely forgotten by the "crowd", and, honestly, one lacklustre update after a five years' wait does not exactly strengthen users' trust in its future.


                                  Most of my students know about Unity, GameMaker, and nowadays even Construct here and there. None of them is aware Director even exists - which goes to show that Adobe again dropped the ball on a product that used to be an industry standard.


                                  Quite sad. And why on earth is Director npt part of CC? That would bring it some much-needed attention. Strange. I guess DIrector's current user base is too small for Adobe to spend too much resources on it - I feel at this point it is going to the same place as where Fireworks ended up: dead in the water.