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    Why doesn't the playhead snap to an edit point in the Timeline?

    PixelshotWDC2 Level 1

      As a recent user of Premiere coming from Final Cut, there is one behavior in Premiere that I can't get used to. When I drag the playhead around while in the Timeline, I expect the playhead to snap to the ends of clips, the edit points, but it doesn't. The reason this is important behavior is because it's often that I want to do something in between two edit points (or at the end of a clip which may not be the last clip on the timeline) such as insert a clip or some other asset. In FCP, as you drag around the playhead, it will snap to various edit points, making it easy to park the playhead at a given location where I will insert a clip. With Premiere, I can get the playhead close, but it won't snap, so I never know if I'm on the exact frame I want. That means I could easily miss the end of a clip by one or two frames and never know it.


      Is there a way to force a snap? or change a setting to enable playhead snapping? Of course, I would also like to temporarily disable this behavior by a keystroke, which I assume would be easy to do using the current "snap" toggle keystroke (S).