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    OS X - Silent install of 11.5 doesn't work...

    theboyk Level 1

      I am trying to deploy 30+ installation of Adobe Flash 11.5 to OS X 10.6–10.8 clients. The first thing I did was download and read the Flash Player Administrative Guide for Flash Player 11.5 (via http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashplayer/articles/flash_player_admin_guide.html). As it typical with Adobe "documentation", I knew this wasn't going to be pretty as soon as I got to the first line of copy under the header Silent installation of Flash Player, which says "Do the following to silently install Flash Player 11.3 on Mac". And of course, the instructions then go on to document how to silent install v11.3 on the Mac.


      Unfortauntely, this "guide" is for v11.5 and 3rd step in the instructions, sudo ./Install Adobe Flash Player.app/Contents/MacOS/Adobe Flash Player Install Manager -install, no longer works because the file Adobe Flash Player Install Manager is no longer included in the package. Instead, it has been replaced with the file Install Adobe Flash Player. But, running the silent install command on this file is results in the GUI-based installer window opening on the client system and a manual interaction is then required to continue with the installer. So, I wouldn't really consider this a "silent" install...


      Anyway, am I missing something here, or is this just another case of a poor Adobe installer combined with bad Adobe documentation?