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    Security when distributing a form


      I'm new to Adobe Acrobat. I have created a fillable form.  It seems it isn't possilbe to distribute a password protected file.  When I try to just use it as a password protected file, when the receiver fills in the fillable fields and emails it back the info doesn't stay in the fillable fields.  Is there anything else I can try? 

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          RGDBTT Level 1

          I figured it out.  I took the distributed version of the file and put it in a security envelope.  Seems to work great when received and opened with Adobe Reader.

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            George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            You might want to double check everything. Prior to version 11, Reader is not able to save a filled-in form unless it has been Reader-enabled, either with Acrobat or LiveCycle Reader Extensions. If you did not do this and only tested with Reader 11, than you may not be aware that it won't work with Reader 10 and earlier.


            When you put a form through the Distribute Form process in Acrobat, the form is enabled in the process, but with Acrobat 10/11 the process will fail if the document has security restrictions applied. You can work around this by removing the usage rights (File > Save a Copy) form the distributed form, adding the security restrictions you want, making sure that form filling is not disallowed, and then re-enabled the document manually. If you're not using this process, ignore this paragraph.