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    Spry Horizontal Menu not showing up in IE


      I created a spry drop down menu (horizontal) with Dreamweaver CS5.


      It displays great in all browsers, except for Internet Explorer, where the menu is not visible at all.




      I read on other threads about similar issues (problems with IE) that spry is no longer supported by Adobe, but that it still is part of CS6. (?)


      Can these issues with IE be resolved? Or...


      Should I be looking into other software or plug-ins for Dreamweaver? If so, what would be the best choice for someone who is not a programmer?


      I use a Mac.





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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Unfortunately, Spry 1.6 pre-dates IE9 by several years.  Also Spry drop-down menus don't work well on touch screen devices.  If this is your target audience, find a better menu system.


          Project Seven's Pop-Menu Magic 2 is a commercial extension for DW. 

          The menus work well in all devices.  They're easy to deploy from DW.  And PVII has great customer support in case you ever need it.




          Nancy O.

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            MoniLifecom Level 1

            I bought pop menu magic. It is a lot easier to use, that is for sure. For customizing, though, it is such a learning curve. Do you know of any forums where I could ask questions about pop menu magic?


            Thank you for all your help.



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              John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Have you read carefully through the extensive PMM2 PDF Help file which is included in the Zip file which you downloaded when you purchased PMM2?


              You'll get excellent help from the PVII product forums. Al Sparber is the main man there.


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                ALsp Level 4

                John gave you the link to our forum, but your product also comes with

                free one-on-one support, which means you can email us directly or even

                telephone us.



                Al Sparber - PVII


                The Finest Dreamweaver Menus | Galleries | Widgets

                Since 1998

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                  MoniLifecom Level 1

                  Thank you all for the answers.


                  Can pop menu magic work with image maps?


                  Back in the day I created several drop down menus in Dreamweaver CS2 by adding behaviors to image maps. I liked that I pretty much could drop a menu from any point on an image.

                  Example: http://www.bettendorfdental.com/

                  So I have been going back to my old laptop and CS2 every time I needed to change something in these menus, but that was very inefficient.


                  My client wants the top banner to be in one image, with customized buttons that share the background of the logo and business name.


                  I have been customizing the topaz template in pop up magic but what the client reallly wants is to have the tab images as part of the larger image. So ideally there wouldn't be any text in the top menu and only the drop down part would show up.



                  For people like me, who do not write or understand code, even searching a knowledge base can be a challenge because we do no know what to type in the search box! I am glad to learn Project Seven offers one on one support.


                  Another challenge is that the client manages his own site and uses Front Page on a PC (and I have neither) so I don't even know if he can attach the stylesheets to every page where he inserts the menu.

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                    Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    In the old days of web design, image maps were all the rage. But all that has changed.  Image maps are not menus.  And they're not web friendly for mobile users.  My advice is to stick with list menus. 


                    Read the PVII documentation on how to use CSS to customize your menus.


                    Personally, I don't use image based menus anymore because each time you edit your site, you must open your graphics editor to create new images.  This gets old in a hurry.  Also images take bandwidth which many mobile device users pay for.  To save money, some mobile users turn off images.  No images, no menus.


                    With the power of CSS, you can have great looking list menus that don't rely on images.  And best of all, you can update them in a snap in DW.


                    CSS Gradient Generator



                    CSS3 Code Generator




                    Nancy O.