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    Missing Text


      I have three pages missing the text and the blue line linking them is skipping the pages as well.  How do I get the link to include the missing text pages while getting the text back in the pages?  The pages are just blank and skipped by the blue link.

      Am I explaining this correctly?  I'm not getting any responces & I'm at this.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          If the blank pages have text frames already, click the outport of the last frame before the first blank, then click inside the frame on the first blank page. Repeat until the text flows back into the original thread. If there no frames, you can draw them first, or add them on the fly withteh loaded cursor.

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            indesign6abc Level 1



            Thank you.  I'll try it and let you know.  Thanks again.

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              indesign6abc Level 1



              That didn't work.  Is there anything else you can think of?  Maybe I'm not running the program correctly  It's in the middle of the book and the pages are there but blank with text I wrote missing for now eight pages..  I'm new at this.  Many thanks,

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                Daniel Flavin Level 4

                The blue line represents the text flow from frame to frame. Is the text in correct flow?, if so, delete the empty pages.

                Did you add pages at some point?

                While on the blank pages, Select All - Are there text frames, overset text frames? can you highlight one and press ctrl+y (win) cmd+y (mac) to open in Story Editor?