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    How to implement milkmangames admob tool




      We have been trying to implement admob adobe air native extension in cs4 , we tried and did everything as per the requirement, even the creator alex is not able to find a solution, i have requested him to contact his coder to help us better  -


      a)We add the admob api

      b)we include the ane file with the -extdir command

      c)We add all the parameters in the descriptor file

      d)we even tried and convert ane to swc file and add it


      Nothing works ... If there is any one who can help kinldy help


      Our adt command - adt -package -target apk-debug -storetype pkcs12 -keystore f:\keys\carp12.p12 -storepass abcd1234 testfile.apk  carmobileversion-app.xml roadf.png road72.png carmobileversion.swf -extdir d:\ane


      Our code to try and display ad -


      import com.milkmangames.nativeextensions.android.AdMob;

      import com.milkmangames.nativeextensions.android.*;

      import com.milkmangames.nativeextensions.android.AdMob;

      import com.milkmangames.nativeextensions.android.AdMobAdType;

      import com.milkmangames.nativeextensions.android.AdMobAlignment;

      import com.milkmangames.nativeextensions.android.events.AdMobEvent;







      We have been struggling for over  a week now , even the owner of this is not able to help us ....


      Kindly help , thanks in advance ....