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      When i installed PSE 11, with help from ADOBE customer support I ended up with two icons in my doc (I'm using a Mac). I have one for Organizer and one for Editor, so that when I open Editor and choose a photo to be edited, I have to then wait while the Editor opens up, separately from the Organizer. I had thought I would have one icon for PSE 11 so that when I opened the Organizer and chose to edit a photo, I could click on the Editor and it would be already opened and part of the PSE 11 program.

      Can someone help me get to one icon for the entire PSE 11 program?

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          Arpit Kapoor Adobe Employee

          Organizer and Editor are 2 separate applications part of one PSE 11 program which will open separately. Organizer is for organizing photos and Editor for editing them. So, if you are in Organizer and want to edit an image, right click on that image and select Edit in PSE 11, it should open that image in Editor for editing.


          Do you have two seperate icons for both Organizer and Editor on your dock? If so, delete them and then go to Applications Folder and make and alias of your PSE 11.


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            ~V Adobe Employee

            Go to Applications>Double click Adobe Photoshop Elements 11. You would see "Adobe Photoshop Elements 11" app. You can create a shortcut of it on desktop by dragging it to desktop. This is actually a welcome screen which gives you buttons "Organize: and "Photo Editor" which lets you choose the application you want to launch from a single exe.