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    Project created on Mac moved to PC


      User Scenario - Create a Premiere Pro CS6 project using a Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle capture card on a Mac OSX machine.  Edit the sequence to my liking on the Mac.  Copy the project and all its files to a PC (also using CS6 but obviously the PC version) and try to open it there.


      First error: "The preset used by one or more sequences in this project requires third-party components that could not be located" .  I thought this would be easy enough to fix by loading the Blackmagic Intensity drivers etc on my PC even though the capture card isn't really there.  That didn't work though.  Says it is using defaults.  Maybe this isn't a problem but I can't tell because of the second error.


      Second error; "The selected file cannot be linked because its type (audio) does not match the original file's type (audio/video)"


      The clips were originally captured via the Mac OSX Mountain Lion Premiere Pro CS6 video capture process using the Blackmagic presets in a .mov format.


      Any thoughts?