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    Can't get past a "locked file" error, ie can't Publish?

      This software is very very very difficult to configure -- but I'd suppose you've heard that before re: Contribute C3. This is trying to get a new client (we're a web hosting co, who just got them from their previous web hosting firm who sold them on Contribute....idiots!) Anyways, I've had NOTHING but troubles with this app.....

      I learned how to operate the app, and how to generate a KEY to send to the new client, and made them an Admin and sent same and then went over there to their offices. My client rec'd the CONN KEY that I made. We ran it on their computer when prompted to by Contribute. we then restarted with them now as an Admin. Working at their offices, I was able to connect, then edit a page on their website no problem -- BUT -- as soon as I tried to PUBLISH same, you get a yellow bar up top that says "You can't edit this page now becuase you are already editing it on another computer. Click here to make this page editable" WTF???????????

      This statement is wrong. No one else (other than me and my computer is OFF) has the abiltiy to edit that page. No one else has the credentials to enable Con to work on that client site either...so....?????

      I then click the 'here' and I get the notice that Contribute must unlock the page (stupid non professional app!!!) and I then try YES, and I get the dialog that says "no, access is denied or there may be a permission problem."

      This too is not correct. I personally made the perms for the whole website folder structure read/write and they work fine. I can use my own CMS system to login and make a change that works perfectly.. But not using Contribute....sigh....and that client WANTS to use Contribute....sigh....

      Could someone offer help here? Adobe Tech support in some other country doesn't seem able to understand my problem, let alone help, let alone feel any sense of urgency as this is a CLIENT for christsakes.....anyways...here's my questions...

      Is there a way to totally CLEAR all the settings on the client machine Contribute, then re-use the KEY to begin a new Admin role? I'm a bit fearful of deleting that website but if someone here who's NON adobe personnel says okay, that'd be my next step. Or do I need to uninstall from my own box too?

      Or, is there a way to fix this, without that deletion? I'd feel better about another way....but no matter. My client only has one eyebrow raised up at me right now, but if I don't come up with an answer tomorrow, that client will most likely be gone!

      Help here someone?

        • 1. Can't get past a "locked file" error, ie can't Publish?
          Dominic Michael Adobe Employee
          Hi, try clearing the Contribute Preferences once and try the same scenario. Check any .LCK file is created for that particular page. Delete that file manually and make it editable.
          To Clear the preference, quit Contribute, and then delete the Contribute CS3 folder in C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\ and also run the following command " reg delete "HKCU\Software\Adobe\Contribute 4.1" /f " if you are using Contribute CS3. Reconnect to the site and try the same scenario.
          Note that, if you clear the preferences then no connection will be listed in Contribute, you need to recreate the connections. It will be like a fresh installation.