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    Long exporting time primere pro cs6


      Hey wonderful people,

      i have same problem

      Its been two days now cant find solution :(

      I have 4 min clip and small effects on it


      I m trying to match sequence export setting

      And it showing 11 hours

      Please help


      I m on 8 core machine


      And i trued to export as h.264 codec


      It says 18 hours :(


      Its dslr footage ..


      And anyone recommend best quality for broadcast ?


      Please please

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          JAKE JONSON Level 1

          It would be most helpful if you could provide more details on your machine and the effects & plugins you may have used.  Did you use Warp Stabilizer?  If so, for how many minutes of footage did you stabilize? 


          Also, which DSLR created the footage?  Which 8 core CPU does your computer have and what type of storage system (hard drives? RAID?).