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    Please help i have a Quick time video problems

      I am currently working on a mac and have created an application that displays video. The format im using is quick time and i have imported the video into director and placed it on the main stage. When i test the project on the mac it works fine but when i test the published file on a pc the quicktime file does not display. I have created the application the published it for windows using a mac, i then insert the cd rom onto a pc and everything works but the quictime movie. I orinally thought that it may have been a quictime version problem on the pc but when i play the quick time file on its own using a pc it plays fine its just when its on a cd it doesnt show up. Does anyone have any suggestions is it the way im publishing it or the file type eq dcr dxr dir. the file im using is a dxr does this help?