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    Fireworks Crashing Daily

    cchiera Level 1

      Of all the apps I use Fireworks has always crashed the most frequently. Before it had been only a few times a weeks however for the past few months it seems to be getting worse and worse. Usually several times a day. Nothing else freezes or crashes at the same time. I'm working in Fireworks and all of the sudden the app closes and crashes. Other times the app is open but I'm not using the app and I'm in say Pages or Chrome and all of the sudden I see Fireworks crashed.


      I'm using a Macbook Retina laetest stable version of Mountain Lion. I've tried fresh installing in the past to no aveil. To note I have 16GBs of ram 2.6 Core i7. If I have activity monitor open, when at rest Fireworks uses about 10% CPU (the most of all my apps). Usually when its about to crash I see it spike to 105% CPU usage. To note, Photoshop uses only 1% CPU at rest. I'm using the Creative Cloud Online Suite.


      I realize this is a forum so must will suggest to delete the plists and application support and reinstall the app and reinstall the OS, all of which I've done. So hoping someone here can look over my error logs to provide a more precise answer than the standard reinstall/restart if it's not working approach. Thanks!


      Since this forum doesn't seem to support any basic attachment feature, you can view a zip of my error logs at

      cl.ly / Motg    (remove spaces of course)


      Fireworks recorded about 18 error logs in the past few weeks, my console has recorded several more as well.