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    Photoshop not working properly after new installation


      I have a brand new Dell desktop that runs windows 8. I installed the Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection and got a message saying that there were errors during installation and some things might not work properly. I uninstalled and did it a second time. Same message.

      I then spoke with an  Adobe agent that helped me download a program to detect what the errors were. He said they were minor issues and shouldn't affect the programs. No help there.

      I then spent hours today speaking with Dell on the phone and the rep took remote control of the computer and did a diagnostics check on the hardware. He said everything is fine. I asked him if it might be the video card needing an update so he ran an update. Same issues, no change.

      We changed the compatability to windows 7 and still no change.

      I then uninstalled the creative suite and tried installing it from the desktop. Still same problems.

      These are the issues in photoshop:


      1)When using certain tools (transform tool, crop tool) the images goes completely black.

      2) The background switches at random- sometimes checkered, sometimes grey, and sometimes black.

      3) Color saturation is incorrectly represented. It switches whenever it wants. For instance, when I zoom in and out it changes.


      In Adobe Bridge some of the RAW images don't show in the program. Some I just can't open. Others open fine. Those images will open in Photoshop but not in Bridge.


      So I have no idea what to do and this is becoming extremely frustrating. I should add I haven't had any problems with Lightroom and it works fine as far as I can tell.


      What could be causing these issues? Could the install CD be damaged?