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    question about chopping up a jpg and animating it

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      Hi All,


      I have been searching around for the right 'phrase' to get a tutorial on animating a jpg. I have cs6 suite. So tools are not the problem. I also have Toon Boom Animate 2.


      I am trying to get some tutorials to take a Jpg and chop it up to create parts. So I can then animate them, or 'bone / tween them in Flash.

      I am not sure where to start as far as disecting a jpg into parts that I can then export and turn them into a symbol...I subscribed to Class On Demand, but I could not find a solution there. Or I was  not typing the exact, perfect phrase to find it.


      Please those of you who know how to do this. Give me some search phrases to find a decent tutorial video(s) to watch to be able to grab a jpg, chop it into peices. I would think this is done in PS? But which tool and what is the term used to describe that utility? 


      After  I have the pic chopped into peices I think I could then just import them into my  Flash Library and convert them into symbols and start animating. I saw the Panda for Lip Sync (in the 'canned' animation area) That is what I am really trying to do... However I could not perfect the proper phrase to find a video on how to do that.  Creatiang a Lip Sync out of a JPg....Some of the tutorials I wathced on Youtube were way to advanced to show the little important steps to do that. I got the ones that showed after creating or knowing first hand how to draw symbols then build my comp.


      If you know of a video or tutorial to turn me on to, that would be appreciated.


      Thanks for any direction,




      P.S. I do not need the link to "getting started with flash" and making a ball roll with a start and stop button.