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    Sharpness/distinctness of Facebook Logo...?




      I'm trying to export a PNG file from Fireworks/Photoshop/Illustrator and the final file is getting fuzzy when the image is displayed on the web page.


      It's just a text using a regular font like Arial Black.


      Actually if you take a look, even Adobe logo doesn't have a high definition.


      For instance: if you see Facebook logo it's 100% clear without any fuzzy/blurry. The same applies for MyFonts.com logo.


      I expended all day long trying all available options(PNG 8, 24, 32, RGB, sRGB, filters, etc) and I didn't find a solution.


      I'm using a Mac retina display laptop, with Lion 10.8.2


      Just to be clear: the properties width and height in the img HTML tag it's correct, that's not the problem.


      Thank you.