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    Need help with PPT video and content same slide


      I need a trick to do what I want to do. I need to play a three-minute long video (mp4, but I could convert). While the video plays, I want to add explanatory notes for certain parts of the video. I'm pretty handy, but this one has me stumped.


      Using: PPT 2007, Win 7


      I set up these notes initially in text boxes, designed to look like a marker on a white board. Used custom animation by letter -- then wipe text off. Very cool. Made a new text box for each comment.


      Set up the video to play automatically, then text boxes "follow previous" with the timing set according to when the comments should appear. I initially used a plain blank slide.


      Video ran, but no text boxes.


      Then I switched to a new blank presentation and tried the layout with content on both the right and left sides of the slide. Video on left side and comments on the right side. Again, video plays fine, but comments do not appear on timing. I tried setting the content to appear with mouse click, but the mouse click stops the video.


      I understand that PPT 2007 is designed for the video to always be on top of other items, but I thought I could get around that by using the two-content slide layout.


      I cannot figure out how to keep the video running while the content appears. I don't mind clicking to activate the comments entrance and exit, but I need to somehow isolate the video from responding to mouse clicks. Or, any other trick that would allow this.


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          I didn't understand a few things here.

          1. Are you trying these things using Adobe Presenter or this is just plain Powerpoint you are talking about?

          2. Are you trying to view the output on the Slide show or presenter output


          If you are doing it for PowerPoint slide show, try setting the animations using with previous and after previous

          1. first insert the video. Set it to play automatically

          2. Insert the first text box. Apply animation on it saying "with Previous". This will make the animation play as soon as the video starts. If you want some delay apply some delay for the animation in the animation pane, such that the animation appears when the video has content sound

          3. For the remaining text boxes apply animations as "after Previous". This will make the animations play after the previous animation has completed.

          4. Now all you have to do is applay delay to the animations to adjust them as and how you want


          Hope this is what you wanted to achieve