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    Why does my flash movie play all once?


      Hi Guys


      Im really new to flash so i dont really know what im up to. I have had a Flash movie test created for me a couple years ago and now i want to make some changes to it. The changes are simple and i know how to do them but that isnt my problem.


      When i publish/test without making any changes the movie it plays all pages at the same time. I have the old published tests and they play properly so it isnt my flash player.


      Old tests were created in cs4

      Im using cs6


      Ive have tired playing around with the publish setting but nothing seems to make a difference


      https://rapidshare.com/files/693941139/RhymeOddity%20-%20New%20with%20Poe%2015%20May%20201 2.fla


      Thanks In advance