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    Animation not playing correctly on Chrome for Android on tablet


      I'm having a strange issue with the Edge animate animations in a site I'm currently building.

      In desktop browsers the site is fine (IE 8+, Chrome, FF, Safari).

      On my Samsung Galaxy S2 using Chrome and Firefox everything is fine too.

      On my Asus Transformer Infinity using Chrome, something strange happens. The animation either doesn't start or starts to play and then kind of plays in reverse and tries again. For example, I have an object that fades in as it slides down. It will partially fade/slide in then get stuck and fade/slide out! It's very jerky and keeps looping like that forever, UNLESS I scroll down to where the content should finish and then the animation completes and plays smoothly.

      It's also fine when using Firefox on this tablet.


      I haven't been able to test it on an iPad or iPhone yet, so I'm not sure if this is specific to Chrome Android or is a Webkit issue.


      Anyone have any ideas about what's going on?