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    Replicating Permissions from Author to Publishers

    Kristian Wright Level 1

      We have a package that contains nodes under /etc/forms/... and we use this to capture some data from the end user.  To allow the entering of data from the user, there's a node of primaryType rep:ACL at /etc/forms/mysite/rep:policy.  This has a child node of primaryType rep:GrantACE, and some other properties to allow anonymous users to input this data for us to capture.  This all works well in the Author environment.  However, I can't seem to replicate these permission nodes to the Publisher environments.


      Is there a way to replicate permissions from Author to Publisher?  All of the other nodes in the package seem to replicate correctly, just not the permissions.  I've tried creating a new package with only those permission nodes in them and installing on the Publisher directly, but I get the error:


      This node already exists: /etc/packages


      Can anyone explain the correct way of dealing with replicating permissions from the Author to Publishers?