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    Acrobat X Displaying Embedded PDF at full / 100% zoom




      I have embedded a pdf onto my page here http://www.entirefilingbankruptcy.com/bankruptcy-exemptions/alabama/ but it is shrunk too small.


      The source pdf is also shrunken - http://www.entirefilingbankruptcy.com/bankruptcy-exemptions/alabama-exemptions.pdf


      Could someone please point out how to have the PDF display at its full size (1020 x 540)?



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          Brian Havlin Adobe Employee



          Which browser are you testing with? In my testing, the PDF appears small in Google Chrome when using Google Chrome's built-in PDF viewer:




          When testing with Firefox using the Adobe Acrobat plugin, the PDF fits the width of the viewable area:




          It appears as though Google Chrome's built-in PDF viewer displays PDFs at 100% zoom by default. The page size of the example PDF is actually 1.70in x 2.11in, so when displayed at 100% zoom it appears quite small.


          I don't know of any way to control the default zoom level when the PDF is being displayed by Google Chrome's built-in PDF viewer.




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