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    Choppy playback and long export times when warp stabilizer applied.

    George in Seattle Level 1

      I have a 1 minute 1920x1080 30fps video taken with a Nikon D4 comprised of 4 clips and a couple of titles that otherwise takes 90 seconds to export.  After I warp stabilize the clips:


      1. The project as a whole does not play correctly in the playback window. It is severely choppy and blacks out a lot. The individual clips play OK but I cannot see the finished product.  If I disable warp on all the clips, the playback returns to normal. The sound is unaffected.


      2. The export time for the video goes from 90 seconds to 45 minutes with warp applied.


      I have a 4ghz i7 processor with 32gb memory and a dedicated sata-3 SSD drive for all things Adobe.  The question is: I thought warp did all its thinking in the analyze step, so is the above normal?