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    Replacing Reversed Footage with AfterEffects Comp: Not Working


      Hello all,


      So I've got my sequence in Premiere and all clips have been successfully transfered over to AE, color corrected and the footage has been replaced with the appropriate AE comps... all except one.


      One clip in my PP project is reversed. I originally recorded it as a pull, and then in editing, I decided it would work better as a push. So I reserved the clip and in the sequence it plays back fine. Then, I right-click, and [Replace with AE Comp]. Then AE comes up and unlike all the other clips I replaced with AE comps, this one, this lone clip comes into AE black. Totally black for the duration of the clip. And the source footage that it brought from PP is A) Full-length. It's not maintaining the trimming I applied and B) Playing forward, not in reverse like I applied.


      Any suggestions how I can get the clip that I edited in my PP sequence to come into AE and maintain it's characteristics? It's the only clip giving me problems (it's the only clip from that sequence that I applied Reverse to).


      I'm at a loss and this is the last clip I need to color correct before I can export my media and this issue is holding me up.



      iMac 10.7

      CS6 CC

      More than enough RAM, Cores and GPU capabilities.


      Thank you to anyone who could possibly shed some light as to where I've taken a wrong turn.