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    Cold Fusion 10 Standard  - Throttled Flash Remoting or Not?


      We have server running CF10 Standard which basically a one trick pony - doing one only thing - handling flash and AIR romote object requests from browsers and devices.

      I'd expect this to go smoothly but we're seeing a number of errors popping up when the server is under load ( we're talking pretty small loads  - maybe 100 concurrent users across browsers / devices )

      The errors are often duplicate http session or recently Error deserializing client message and they don't seem related to the code / device  just distributed randomly.


      What I'd like to know is simply:


      Is CF10 Standard  throttled for Flash Remoting in some way ?


      Was this introduced in CF10  ( and was not in CF9, 8 ) ?


      Aside from upgrading what can be done in CF Admin to optimise Flash Remoting in CF10 Standard ?


      Thank you.