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    Transcoding and framerate conversion




      I maneuvered myself into a difficult situation.

      Being new to video and a proud owner of a GoPro camera I recorded one of my concerts thinking bigger and faster is better. So I recorded at 1080/50. I did not realize that my PC would not be up to handle that and only rendering the timeline of one part of the concert would take days...


      For now I imported the original MP4 footage into Elements11, but I do realize that transcoding the files first to 1280x720 with 25fps would go a long way in improving the situation. However converting the framerate in GoPro cineform (free version) creates a slow motion movie and also takes forever. There is an option to speed up the movie, so I guess 2x could do the trick, but I will have to sync the video later on with the recording that the radio guys took, so accurate timing is crucial.


      I know that the Nº1 solution is to upgrade the PC, which I will do in the forseable future, but for the moment I will have to make do and at the same time will have to get that video out.


      I read through the recent transcoding thread and I understand that in one way or the other transcoding should/will be done anyway, but I would appreciate if somebody could point out a workflow to reduce resolution AND framerate. Would it help to force a project setting in premiere upon the imported footage?

      I am currently working through the classroom in a book from Adobe, but there is not much information about those situations


      Thanks and any help will be much appreciated!


      Berthold Hamburger

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          Steve Grisetti Mythic

          There are some unique challenges to working with GoPro footage. (Which version of Premiere Elements are you working with, by the way?)


          Bill Hunt is really our GoPro expert. He's traveling now -- but you might want to check out his excellent tips & tricks article on it.



          His suggestions may help you. If not, we may need to wait until we hear from him.

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            astrodobe5897 Newcomer

            Hi Steve,


            I have premiere 11. THanks for the link! I'll work through that now.


            In any event, what I have done now is:


            There are 4 pieces in the concert, so I created 4 projects one for each piece

            -Import original MP4 into Premiere

            -Edit length of clips and combine them (Gopro splits files every 17.24min)

            -Export as PC:AVI using advanced settings and selecting GoPro codec and applying resolution 1280x720 and 25fps to the setting


            That way I already get the combined footage as AVI file with reduced resolution and frame rate which I then can edit further in Premiere.

            I also found that premiere maintains original speed when converting frame rates contrary to cineform studio and also converts significantly faster.


            Right now I am waiting to finish the conversion of the first file to see what the result looks like, but it seems that one should simply bypass pre-editing in cineform studio.





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              astrodobe5897 Newcomer

              Hi Steve,


              Those are the advanced settings that give me good results using the GoPro cineform codec. Important is to select square pixels!


              Codec settings:


              I would say the best is to stay away from using cineform srudio at all and exclusively use Premiere for the entire workflow, as it is significantly faster. Cineform Studio tokk more than 3 hours to transcode a clip of 17 minutes. Premiere takes 1:20 hours to transcode a 27 minutes clip without the problems of frame rate conversion. I am curious whether this coincides with Bill's findings.

              All this on my dual core / 6GB PC




              Berthold Hamburger

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                Steve Grisetti Mythic

                I found more information on using Cineform on a discussion on Sony's forum. It seems to be the way to go -- even if it does take a bit longer!


                Maybe you'll find something helpful in this discussion.


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                  astrodobe5897 Newcomer

                  Hi Steve,


                  I only use Protune for outdoor footage. For indoors I use the cameras automatic setting. You are probably right that in order to make use of Protune the best way is to do initial conversion through the cineform studio software. Here is a sample of the Protune mode with the camera set into raw mode http://youtu.be/XAAztsYXoQw. The low light capability of the GoPro 3BE in this mode is quite amazing. Make sure you watch in HD1080 mode. You can even see Venus rising.


                  However Cineform studio has one big bug and in fact I will report it to them shortly. If you don't want to convert the whole clip but set a punch in point, the program also cuts a few frames from the end, which might not be a big deal for normal footage, but if I record concerts, that makes it impossible to fit the 17:24min chunks together.


                  The other thing is that it does not perform frame rate conversion (in the free version of the program). If you convert 50fps to 25fps you end up with a slow motion movie.





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                    Ann Bens Mythic

                    I would say the best is to stay away from using cineform srudio at all and exclusively use Premiere for the entire workflow, as it is significantly faster.

                    Faster does not always means better.

                    I would set the video format to progressive, just incase.


                    I just dropped a 50p (mp4 gopro) file into a dslr 1080p25 setting and it played at normal speed.


                    If you use Cineform Studio to convert make sure the speed is set to 25 in the advanced settings. I find it sometimes changes on its own.

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                      BobSomr Newcomer

                      Berthold, I've got no answers, and I apologize if this is inappropriate use of the forum.  But, I just had to say that the clip in the post above is absolutely stunning.  I don't know what you do, but you should keep doing it.

                      Well done!


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                        astrodobe5897 Newcomer

                        Hi Ann,


                        Do you mean to say that cineform studio allows you to convert frame rate without modifying the speed of the clip? If I convert from 50fps to 25fps in cineform studio (free version) I get a slow motion movie as output.





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                          astrodobe5897 Newcomer

                          Hi Bob,


                          Thank you. I'd like to take the credit for it, but there is very little I did to modify the original GoPro footage. Pictures were taken every 5 seconds and combined into a 25fps 1920x1080 clip in cineform studio. I only applied some sharpening and automatic colour/light correction in Premiere.

                          The truth is, those little cameras are very capable. Important in low light is to use the protune raw mode and not any of the other modes. What still beats me is that it even captured Venus under those conditions.