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    Performance of creative suite cs 6

    elder camper Level 1

      I have some problems with performance of AE and PP. Three things are the ones that I can not solve:


           1. Multicore-processing at AE


      under preferences I have enabled multicore-processing.

      In  RAM preview, however, the message is (translated): "incompatible renderer. Multicore-processing is disabled."

      Retrayced 3d renderer is set.

      Here, a setting error exists in any case. But what?


           2.Rendering an AE composition in PP

      I ever posted this problem, but no solution found.

      An AE-3d-composition is rendered quickly in PP only if the composition in AE is open.

      Following according to Task Manager and GPU-Z:

      AE composition opened in AE                                                  AE composition not open in AE  

      app:                      AE CPU = 35%-40%                                                  0%

      app:                      PP CPU = 0.1% - 1.5%                                              0%

      background: AE          CPU = 0%                                                        95%-99%

      GPU                                      = 0 - 95%                                                   0 %

      GPU is supported in PP only if AE-composition is open in AE. Is that the case with you?

      OpenGL and CUDA are enabled in AE



           3.Project Manager PP doesn´t work


      Project Manager starts, setting up folder in the selected directory and will work correctly. Shortly before the operation end it will fail with the message (my translate): "Unknown error, save the project and retry the operation."

      All furnished folder disappeared.

      I suspect that the copied files on the system disk will be cached in a directory that is not shared. Unfortunately, I find nothing. Can anyone tell me where the files may be?

      My hardware: Intel I7 2600k 16 GB RAM, adobe 13 GB assigned to GTX 660 ti in AE and PP cuda enabled

      software: OS: win 8 pro 64 bit, creative suite cs6 on system disk SSD, files and cache on 3 TB HD (only for adobe), home network with three PC + TV.

      It would be nice if is someone, who puts me on the right track.

      Excuse me, my english is not the best. In german-forum nobody can help me.