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    Using JQuery mobile with adobe edge animate generated pages




      We have developed an application in which from Main Page we move to other page which is generated using Adobe Edge Animate. In redirecting from one page to other page we had used jQuery Mobile transition effect it's working fine when we are moving between normal pages.but if we move using transition from noraml page to adobe edge animated generated page it's showing blank page.


      Is there any way so we can use jQuery Mobile transition effect from moving adobe edge animate page.



      Like  in

      Symbol.bindElementAction(compId, symbolName, "${_oops_logo_250}", "click", function (sym, e) {


                  $.mobile.changePage( "../../views/main_menu_view.html", { transition: "slide"});




      i want to play jQuery mobile slide transition effect to change page and display other adobe edge animate generated page but it's show blank page  and give error


      Javascript error in event handler! Event Type = element


      Please help as soon as possible so that we can bind it as soon as possible.






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