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    Fixing my mistakes, character style question

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      I am self taught on indesign and the many hundreds of files I have use charcater styles instead of paragraph styles. Having been on a course I understand the errors of my ways, but of course there files are all good otherwise.


      Since then I convinced the company to move to indesign from publisher but they were too scared ont he whole mac thing so got PCs. All my files in general use helvetica neau in one form or another as available in the mac font menu.


      Not available on PC so they have purchased it, but its a different kind of font, so when opening my files it complains the fonts are not available.


      So aside from the very tedious effort of moving through every thing line by line is there a methodolgy to A. change to the new font, B. move from a chracter to Paragraph style?


      My current methodology is to open the file, click ok to missing fonts etc. Create or load paragraph styles, select the text pargarpah by paragraph, hole Alt whilst applying the style then at the end deleting the chracter styles so they never darken my doorstep again, but its reallllly slow.


      Any ideas appricated, this trasfer to indesign has so far been reasonably painful!

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          I think it is a lot of work. I get often such documents (and often I get documents converted from Quark which have Character Styes applied everywhere).

          1. Delete all Character styles.

          2. Create Paragraph Styles based on the real praragraphs. Take care not to base any style on the preinstalled [Basic Paragraph] style. Take care to build up a usefull dependency.

          3. With find and replace you can apply all paragraph styles in the document.


          I am sure that this can be scripted too, but I am not an expert in scripting.

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            SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Replacing the fonts can be done more easily using the Find Font dialog: You can replace all instances of a missing font in the document with one that you have on your system.

            Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 8.49.53 AM.pngScreen shot 2013-02-12 at 8.50.18 AM.png

            As far as replacing the character styles with paragraph styles, that  can done by highlighting a paragraph with formatting you want to save, and then choosing New Paragraph Style. If you check the Apply Style to Selection box, that paragraph will now have your formatting as a paragraph style. If you first select all your text and under the Character Style pallet, choose Break Link to Style, you will avoid having any unwanted Character styling.

            Once you have all your new paragraph styles created, use find and replace to find formatting "characeter style a" and replace with formatting "Paragraph style a" and Character style "none".


            Don't dismiss Character styles altogether, though. They can be powerful tools for local formatting, especially when combined with Nested Styles.


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