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    Timeline Control in Nested movieClips


      Hi All,


      I have gotten help from KGLAD, Nedwebs, rustyK on countless AS2 & AS3 problems, and now i am back!


      I am having a heck of a time trying to control a movieClip's timeline which is inside of another movieClip. I am using a third movieClip for the controls.


      I had it working fine when controlling the movieClip's timeline from the other movieClip when it was on the same stage as the Control using this code:


      btn_BZ_Stainless.onRelease = function()






      Now I became forced to put the movieClip "mc_BEZELS" inside of another movieClip called "bitmap" and i cannot communicate with "mc_BEZELS" anymore.


      I tried _root.bitmap._root.mc_BEZELS,  _root.child.mc_BEZELS, and numerous other combinations, but no luck... Any suggestions or help would be much appreaciated!

      Thank you in advance.


      - Patrick